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Install error 1712 pops up when installing QuickBooks. Today, I will try to help the ones who are receiving this kind of installation error by sharing my personal experience with it. Before starting, let’s see what causes this error at first place. If you see this type of error, call us at Quickbooks desktop support number today.

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QuickBooks Install Error 1712 - Solution for this Installation Error

 If you are facing problem while installing 2nd or 3rd version of QuickBooks in your PC, then most probably you might get an error window which says “Error 1712.” This is a very common issue among users who want to use Quickbooks software for their business accounting purposes. There are some basic reasons behind this problem and all you need is to understand them properly before searching out any solution related to it.

Fixing it Manually

Method 1 : Fixing it Manually a) First of all download QuickBooks Install Files from official website & run it on your computer b) Now, click on Repair option c) This will help in repairing corrupt files d) Auto fix options is also available in it e) You can also try Deep Scan option f) Now, after repairing process is over, restart your computer g) Open QuickBooks software & check if this error still persists

Using Third-Party Troubleshooter

Method 3 : Using Third-Party Troubleshooter Tool If nothing seems to work for you then there is another way out which might help you fix this problem easily i.e., using third party troubleshooting tool . There are many software tools available online which you can download & run on your computer in order to resolve the issue with ease. These tools are specially designed by professionals in order to fix all types of errors that a user might have with their computer. All you need is to download, install & run it on your machine.

Using Command Prompt For resolving the problem

Method 2 Using Command Prompt For resolving the problem, you can also try this method. Follow the steps below: a) First of all, go to start menu & search for command prompt b) Now, open it by clicking on its icon c) Here in command prompt window type "regsvr32 qb.dll" without quotes d) Press enter & see if this error still shows up or not

QuickBooks Install Error 1904

Our staff of qualified QuickBooks ProAdvisors has thousands of QuickBooks deployments under their belts across a wide range of businesses. Request a free consultation today to get the most out of your accounting software.One of the main reasons that customers are having trouble installing Quickbooks successfully is due to errors associated with Microsoft .NET Framework being out of date. This error will typically come up while trying to install Quickbooks and will be accompanied by an error code called “1904.”

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The solution can be broken down in two parts:

Part One

Downloading the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 3, 4, & 4.5 from here: (You will need to scroll down the page until you see "Download Center"

Part Two

Downloading the latest version of Quickbooks from here: Once you have successfully downloaded both of these files, it is time to start working on fixing your install error.


Step 1 Go to your c drive, then into program files , then into x86 or x64 (depending on which one you have), then go into the directory that corresponds with where you installed Quickbooks. For example if I am trying to fix my install error for Quickbooks 2014 Pro Plus, I would go into program files (x86), workbench , QBW, etc.; However if i was running Quickbooks 2016 Pro Plus, I would go into program files , workbench , QBW, etc.

Step2 Once inside of the directory with where you installed QuickBooks, find the file called "QBInstaller.exe" and right click it while holding shift. Within the new menu that pops up you should choose "Open command window here."

Step 3 Now in the command prompt (black window), type QBOldNewAndNotWorkingUninstaller-L FullPathToFile (Where FullPathToFile is replaced by wherever your old qbuninst.exe file is located). If this brings up an error saying that there was not a file found then type exit to close out of it and move on to step 4a; otherwise, if it brings up another command prompt (black window), type QBOldNewAndNotWorkingUninstaller-L (Where (x86/64) is replaced by wherever your old qbuninst.exe file is located). Close out of this window and move on to step 4a.

Step 4a If the previous command brought up an error saying that there was not a file found, then you need to copy the new QBInstaller.exe file into the directory with where Quickbooks is installed. Typically this will be in the workbench directory mentioned earlier. Do this for both x86 or x64 depending on which version you are trying to install.

Step 4b Now that you have copied over the new QBInstaller.exe file, close out of the command prompt window and run the Quickbooks installer again. It should bring up a new error message that says that Microsoft .NET Framework 3 or 4 needs to be installed (depending on which version you are trying to install).

Step 5 Click on "Install" in order to install Microsoft .NET Framework 3 or 4 (depending on what version you are trying to install).

Step 6 Once it's finished installing, run your Quickbooks installation again and it should go through with no issues! If there was any additional issues along this process feel free to comment below or call us at QuickBooks desktop support number.

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QuickBooks Install Error 1603

Today I had a friend of mine call me up and ask for some help. He is getting this error when trying to run the QB 2010 install: “Error 1603. Could not access network location %APPDATA%”. Here’s how it went down from what he called me about. Moreover, call us at QuickBooks Desktop Support Number to resolve your issues.

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QuickBooks Install Error 1327

If you are getting the error code 1327 in QuickBooks when installing or updating, then this article is for you. This error occurs because of a registry entry that does not exist for QuickBooks. For instant solution, give us a call at QuickBooks Desktop support number right now.

It could be due to one of the below reasons:

When your computer was rebooted after you installed and opened QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier) before closing it. If you do install and open the software and then shut down the computer without closing the program, this may cause this problem. Try re-installing again after closing the program properly.

The installation files were interrupted while downloading or copying to hard drive during installation process or at any time later. Delete all .exe files from C:\program files\QBInstall and C:\Qbw.0 folder and reload the program.

If you use a proxy server, it might be possible that your Internet service provider (ISP) uses the same port as Intuit QuickBooks does for updates or downloads. You can try to forward port 80 to another number like 8081 in order to fix this issue.

Install error 1327 can be fixed by manually removing the Quickbooks exe file.

Go to my computer or This PC then go to C drive

Now search for QBWIN32.EXE file in C drive, QBSERVER folder will open up if you found it already there after searching QBWIN32.exe click on it once so that your cursor changes into a hand symbol and select the QBSERVER folder which is located inside C:\Program files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2017\.

Press Shift key+Right click on your mouse button one by one and select " Open command window here ". This will open up cmd prompt.

Type the below command and hit enter " del /F /Q " this will remove all files from QBSERVER folder, now refresh your cmd prompt as it would be empty now.

Go to C:\Program files\Intuit\QuickBooks 2018\QBW32.exe and rename it as QBW32OLD.exe or anything you want but make sure its extension doesn't change into anything else ie either .exe or .dll.

Now go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 2018\. Delete 3 folders which is named QB_SETUP-R194012_bak, QBAK, \Documents \Sage 50 US ERP Data file.

Now download the QB 2018 version from Intuit's official website. Install Quickbooks in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks 2018 instead of program files directory, this will avoid any issues in future. Also please make sure you install your quickbooks in x86 folder.

Once Installation is finished open Admin console and if you are facing issues with opening company file there go to C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QBWebConnector then delete QBAK folder that you have deleted at 7th step.

Login to Accounting desktop app which comes with every installed version of quickbooks pro/premier editions, login using your account information, do not create a new company because it will create a new company file which will be messed up.

Open Company wizard, select I have already installed QB on this computer and I want to create a new company using the email address or mobile number associated with my license then click next. Select quickbooks pro 2018 edition. Press finish now your company is ready for use. If you still observe the same issue, you can contat us at QuickBooks Desktop support number today

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QuickBooks Install Error 1935

If you are trying to install QuickBooks in your computer but you get an error 1935, then this article is for you. This error 1935 may occur in the middle of the installation process when Windows tries to open a port in your firewall or try to connect to Internet to validate product key. For immediate support, call us at QuickBooks Desktop support number to fix your issues instantly.

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