QuickBooks Desktop

Accounting software

QuickBooks Desktop is the original version of this highly-popular accounting software. It’s made to be user friendly, it opens in seconds and makes bookkeeping an easy task. The best part? It’s compatible with most computers.

Accounting software

What are the standard features in Quickbooks? ​

In addition to accounting essentials like invoices, check writing and accounts payable/receivable, QuickBooks Desktop offers a ton of other helpful features that make running your business easier:

Employees & subcontractors

With this tool, you'll be able to keep track of how much work each person on your team does for your company. You can even use it to pay them!

Vendors & expenses

Track your business expenses with this handy tool, which also allows you to record payments to all your vendors.


You can use the inventory tracker to keep an eye on how much stuff you have left, and adjust your prices accordingly.

Business valuation

If you ever need help figuring out your company's worth, QuickBooks Desktop has this tool that will give you a pretty accurate number.

Accounting software

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Accounting software.

What are some of the best features of Quickbooks?

For most QuickBooks users, it really is all about the money (well… making more of it, at least). Here are some of our favorite features:

All-in-one solution

With this software suite working for you, there's no need to have separate programs for sales, expenses, inventory management and more. This can save you tons of time that would otherwise be wasted having to switch between different applications.

Third-party integration

QuickBooks Desktop is compatible with a ton of widely used apps, including ones designed specifically for certain industries. This means you should have no problem finding the right tool to help you run your business even better!

Customer service

Not only does Intuit offer free customer support themselves over the phone or online chat… but their website has a ton of helpful information for users as well, including video tutorials and other resources.

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